Photo of Malkin and Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Once upon a time, before the NHL's formation, hockey jerseys were known as "sweaters". Why you ask? Because that's exactly what they were. The game was played on frozen ponds. Many organized hockey teams had minimal funds so they would all buy the same sweater from a store and simply write their name and number on the back. Humble beginnings but isn't that part of what makes hockey so nostalgic and special? See if your favorite NHL team made our list of the top ten best NHL jerseys. 



St. Louis Blues Blue Home Jersey

10. St. Louis Blues Blue Home Jersey

The St. Louis Blues home jersey is one of the jerseys that stood out the most to us with it's contrasting blue colors along with black and yellow. The blue music note pays tribute to the long history of blues singers that have hailed from the city of St. Louis. The team has worn variations of this particular jersey since the very beginning in 1967. The Blues have three jersey combinations; blue (home), white(away) and navy blue (alternate).


Ottawa Senators Black Alternate Jersey

9. Ottawa Senators Black Alternate Jersey 

The Ottawa Senators black alternate jersey resembles their Heritage Jersey which pays homage to the old Senators jerseys worn between 1920 and 1927, a period in which the team won 4 Stanley Cups. The Heritage jersey was worn during the Heritage Classic game last season vs. the Vancouver Canucks. The Senators have three jersey combinations; red(home), white(away) and black(alternate). This particular jersey is only worn for the occasional home game.


Montreal Canadiens Red Home Jersey

8. Montreal Canadiens Red Home Jersey 

There is perhaps no other jersey in the NHL that carries more history than the red sweater that the Montreal Canadiens wear. It has witnessed 24 Stanley Cups and the jersey design has been in use since 1917, the club's first season. In fact, it was both their home and away jersey until 1935 when a white away jersey was adopted. The feature deserving the most notoriety is the "CH" in the middle. The C stands for "Canadiens". The H stands for "Hockey". The Canadiens have only two jersey combinations; red(home) and white(away). If we compiled our list purely on history, this would be the NHL's number one jersey.


New York Rangers White Away Jersey

7. New York Rangers White Away Jersey 

The New York Rangers white away jersey wasn't worn until 1951. The blue rangers jersey was previously the team's only jersey and has been in use since 1926, the club's first season. The jersey's diagonal lettering is what separates it apart from all of the other NHL jerseys. The red, white and blue colors should also be appreciated as those are the colors of our American flag and the New York Rangers are one of the founding teams in the NHL (Original Six). The Rangers have three jersey combinations; blue(home), white(away) and navy blue(alternate).


San Jose Sharks Black Alternate Jersey

6. San Jose Sharks Black Alternate Jersey 

The San Jose Sharks unveiled their black alternate jersey on the franchise's ten year anniversary in 2001. The crisp black color mixed with teal is what catches the eye the most. The shark design on the front also displays excellent artistry. The Sharks have three jersey combinations; teal(home), white(away) and black (alternate).


 Boston Bruins Black Alternate Jersey

5. Boston Bruins Black Alternate Jersey

The Boston Bruins, another Original Six franchise, have seen a number of jersey variations since their first season in 1924. However, their current alternate jersey is mimicked after their original jersey worn during that inaugural season. There is an excellent mix of black and gold but the bear on the chest is what makes this jersey so distinguishable. It has been in use since 2008 and is one of the NHL's most popular alternate jerseys among it's fans. The Bruins have three jersey combinations; black(home), white(away) and alternate black. 


 Toronto Maple Leafs Blue Home Jersey

4. Toronto Maple Leafs Blue Home Jersey

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a history that can rival that of the Montreal Canadiens despite not having nearly as many Stanley Cups. Although the Maple Leaf's first season was in 1927, the resemblance of their current home jersey wasn't used until 1934. Since then, there have been various changes in the location of the stripes along the sleeves and lower front of the jersey but that's about it. The Maple Leafs have two jersey combinations; blue(home) and white(away). Both jerseys are a strong symbol to all Canadians since they don a Maple Leaf on the front which is also part of the country's flag. 


 Vancouver Canucks White Away Jersey

3. Vancouver Canucks White Away Jersey 

The Vancouver Canucks have redeemed themselves after having one of professional sports' all time most hideous jerseys during the 1970's and 1980's. The away jersey's current design was introduced in 2007 as the club reverted back a similar design the Canucks wore during their inaugural season in 1970. In fact, their blue alternate jersey is the exact jersey the club wore during their first season. Although "Canuck" is a nickname for a French Canadian, the mascot on the front of this particular jersey is a killer whale submerging through ice. The whale is what separates the jersey apart from other NHL jerseys in addition to the earthy colors of white, green and blue. The Canucks have three jersey combinations; white(away), navy blue(home) and royal blue(alternate).


 Washington Capitals White Alternate Jersey

2. Washington Capitals White with Stars Alternate Jersey 

The current white alternate jersey was actually the Washington Capitals very first jersey design in 1974, the club's first season. It was discontinued in 1995 and brought back only recently in 2011 as the team's third jersey. Like their co-tenants, the NBA's Washington Wizards, the Capitals have very patriotic jerseys being that they play in our nation's capital. The stars and stripes are what makes this jersey so special, the same way the Maple Leafs jersey is important to Canadians. Although the Capitals have been historically bad on the ice - Red, white and blue are three colors that do not run! The Capitals have three jersey combinations; red(home), white(away) and white with stars (alternate).


 Chicago Blackhawks Red Home Jersey

1. Chicago Blackhawks Red Home Jersey

And finally, to leave the Blackhawks' home jersey off of our list would have been a crime. The Chicago Blackhawks were named after owner Frederic Mclaughlin's military unit when he fought in World War I. The native american design on the front is one of the most recognizable jersey designs in not just the NHL but in all of professional sports. The design is supposed to depict "Chief Blackhawk" of the Sauk Nation who lived in what became the state of Illinois. The best part of the jersey in my own opinion are the two native american hatchets on the shoulders of the jersey. The Blackhawks have two jersey combinations; red(home) and white(away). They will occasionally wear a black throwback jersey which could have easily made our list as well. The organization did not introduce this version of their home jersey until 1955 and have made virtually no updates to it since.