Photo of Atlanta Braves players signing autographs. 

Sporting baseball jerseys to our favorite ballparks during the summertime is a beautiful thing. I sported a Barry Bonds jersey as a child and maybe one day, my son will be wearing a Mike Trout jersey to his first game. Below, we have compiled a list of the top ten coolest MLB jerseys in the game. See if your favorite team's jersey made the list. 


Atlanta Braves Alternate Jersey

10. Atlanta Braves Red 

This jersey serves as number one of the Braves' three alternate jerseys. The Atlanta Braves have five jersey combinations; red, navy blue, grey and two versions of white. My favorite feature of the Red Jersey is obviously the native american hatchet across the front. I really hope the Braves are never threatened with adjusting or changing their uniforms or insignia because certain Native American groups find their mascot offensive. 


Miami Marlins Alternate Jersey

9. Miami Marlins Black 

The Miami Marlins have four combinations of jerseys; black (alternate 1), white (home), grey (away) and orange (alternate 2). While a jersey change was necessary when they changed their name from the Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins and moved to Marlins Park, the old Marlins jerseys were superior to the ones the team wears now. The Black, however, is striking and is a lot less "80s Don Johnson" than the other three jersey colors. The team has also done an excellent job at molding these colors into their stadium as well. 


Seattle Mariners Alternate Jersey

8. Seattle Mariners Green 

The green Seattle Mariners jerseys are the first of their two Alternate jerseys. They have four jersey combinations; white (home), grey (away), green (alternate 1) and navy blue (alternate 2). These jerseys are worn during their Monday and Friday home games. They became full time alternate jerseys during the 2011 Major League Baseball season and were previously worn until 1996 (Ken Griffey Jr, Alex Rodriguez Era). 



Los Angeles Dodgers Home White Jersey

7. Los Angeles Dodgers White

The white Dodgers jersey serves as the team's home jersey. It first appeared during the 1955 season, obviously when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. The Los Angeles Dodgers were the first to have red numbers on their uniforms. The Dodgers have three jersey combinations; white (home), "Los Angeles" grey with cursive writing (away) and "Dodgers" grey with cursive writing (alternate). All three uniforms have been in simultaneous use since the 1988 season. After the Brooklyn Dodgers had moved to Los Angeles in 1957, they unveiled the grey uniforms in 1959 with the cursive writing. 


Anaheim Angels red alternate jersey

6. Anaheim Angels Red 

Something about the way the Anaheim Angels solid red jersey glistens in the California sun. The Angels red jerseys serves as the team's alternate jersey and was first introduced in 2007 when Torii Hunter and Vlad Guerrero were the stars of the team. The Angels have used many logo changes throughout their history but their jersey colors and designs have remained fairly consistent. The team has three jersey combinations; white (home), grey (away) and red (alternate). 



Kansas City Royals Power Blue Alternate Jersey

5. Kansas City Royals Powder Blue 

Yes, I liked the Royals even before they made the 2014 World Series. The Kansas City Royals have used the powder blue uniforms a number of times throughout the club's history but recently brought them back beginning just before the 2008 season after retiring it in 1991.  It was their road uniform in 1973 and this was the first time they had donned them. The Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos had also used a similar color scheme for their past uniforms to which I'm a very big fan of. The Royals have four jersey combinations; white (home), grey (away), powder blue (alternate 1) royal blue (alternate 2). 



Toronto Blue Jays Blue Alternate Jersey

4. Toronto Blue Jays Blue Alternate

The Toronto Blue Jays have changed uniforms many times over the last ten seasons. They recently unveiled a refinement of their old logo in 2011 and that year, unveiled three new uniform varieties. While I love the old powder blue Blue Jays jerseys, there is just something about the bold shade of blue used for their alternate jerseys. The Blue Jays have three uniform combinations; white (home), grey (road) and blue (alternate). You've got to love the way they incorporate the Canadian leaf into all of their logos and designs as well; very patriotic. 



Colorado Rockies Black Sleeveless Alternate Jersey

3. Colorado Rockies Sleeveless Black 

Like the New York Yankees, the Colorado Rockies have typically worn a combination of all grey uniforms and pinstripe uniforms. The Rockies unveiled the all black sleeveless jerseys during the 2005 season and it was to be worn only on the road. It is one of their two alternate jerseys. I'm also a big fan of the all purple jerseys but the sleeveless jerseys are a nice tribute to the days when many teams wore sleeveless jerseys.  The Rockies have four uniform combinations; white pinstripes (home), grey (away), purple (alternate 1) and the sleeveless black (alternate 2). 


New York Yankees White Pinstripes Home Jersey

2. New York Yankees White Pinstripes 

The New York Yankees pinstripes are perhaps one of the most recognizable jerseys in not just Major League Baseball but in all of sports. The Yankees have been donning the Pinstripes since 1915 with little changes to it's design. The Yankees have been wearing their navy blue caps with the "NY" insignia since 1922. The New York Highlanders as the team was once called, first adopted the "NY" design on the breast of the jersey. During the 1940s, the pinstripes were made bolder creating a more distinctive look. The Yankees have two uniform combinations, all grey (away) and white pinstripes (home). 


Oakland Athletics Yellow Alternate Jersey

1. Oakland Athletics Yellow 

You can't help but to love the bright shade of yellow the Oakland Athletics used here. The elephant on the sleeve also denotes a nice little touch of Major League Baseball history. Former New York Giants manager John Mcgraw once called his team "a white elephant" because Giants owner Benjamin Shibe was spending too much money on the team. A white elephant means something that looks nice but is impossible to take care of. Long time Athletics Manager Connie Mack overhead Mcgraw's comments and decided to put white elephants on all of the Athletics's jerseys as a joke and it stuck.  The Athletics have four uniform combinations; white (home), grey (away), yellow (alternate 1) and green (alternate 2).