Photo of Philadelphia Eagles players at Lincoln Financial Field. 

Ever since Nike took over Reebok's throne as the NFL's jersey merchandiser in 2012, there has been an obvious improvement in the design and quality of jerseys. They are better fitting and more flattering, boast brighter and more solid colors and their sales for the league have been strong.  See if your favorite team made our list of the NFL's top ten best jerseys.


Cincinnati Bengals Orange Alternate Jersey

10. Cincinnati Bengals Orange Alternate Jersey 

The Cincinnati Bengals updated their uniforms in 2004 and wanted to incorporate more accent marks into their jerseys. It's unclear whether the marks are supposed to be stripes or claw tears. The orange jersey looks the best when combined with their black pants. The Bengals have three jersey combinations; black, white and orange.


Philadelphia Eagles Black Alternate Jersey

9. Philadelphia Eagles Black Alternate Jersey

The Philadelphia Eagles first unveiled their black alternate jerseys vs. the New York Giants in 2003. It was a late season game. The black jersey is best presented when the players also wear their black pants which is on a rare occasion. The Eagles have three jersey combinations; green, white and black.


Houston Texans Red Alternate Jersey

8. Houston Texans Red Alternate Jersey 

This particular jersey is known as "Battle Red" by the Houston Texans organization. It has been in rotation since 2003. The Texans used to combine the red jerseys with red pants but they discontinued them after the 2010 season. Most often, the red jerseys are worn when the team plays at home. The Texans have three jersey combinations; navy blue, white and red.


Seattle Seahawks Navy Blue Jersey

7. Seattle Seahawks Home Navy Blue Jersey 

The Seattle Seahawks have some of the more eccentric jerseys in the NFL; almost resembling the outlandish uniforms of the nearby Oregon Ducks. The best feature by far is the bright green outline of each player's number. The pant combinations are also pretty loud and fun. The Seahawks have three jersey combinations; navy blue (home), white (away) and grey (alternate).


Green Bay Packers Navy Blue Alternate Jersey

6. Green Bay Packers Navy Blue Alternate Jersey 

The navy blue jerseys pay tribute to the Green Bay Packers first championship in 1929. The brown helmets they wear with these jerseys also pay tribute to the old leather helmets that football players used to wear. The Packers first unveiled these jerseys in 2010 vs. the San Francisco 49ers. I personally love the yellow and navy number scheme on the front of the jersey. The Packers have three jersey combinations; green, white and navy blue.


San Diego Chargers Power Blue Alternate Jersey

5. San Diego Chargers Powder Blue Alternate Jersey 

The San Diego Chargers have had many uniform adjustments and changeovers since joining the NFL in the 1960s. The Chargers introduced their power blue alternate jerseys in 2002 and they are only worn during home games. They are some of the most eye-catching jerseys in the NFL with the lightning bolts across the shoulders. The Chargers have three jersey combinations; navy blue, white and powder blue.


Minnesota Vikings Purple Home Jerseys

4. Minnesota Vikings Purple Jersey 

The Minnesota Vikings have kept their uniform design pretty consistent throughout the team's history. Their uniforms pay heavy tribute to Minnesota's Scandinavian heritage. Their current uniforms have been in use since 2006 but when Nike inherited the NFL's uniform contract, the deep purple the jerseys have made them an eye-catcher. The Vikings helmets also use a very rich color of purple as well. The Vikings are one of the few NFL team's that only have two jersey combinations; purple (home) and white (away).


Miami Dolphins Aqua Jersey

3. Miami Dolphins Aqua Jersey 

One can't help but to love the aqua and orange color scheme of the Miami Dolphins jerseys. The white numbers outlined with the orange trim is a colorful touch. Like the Minnesota Vikings, Nike really did an excellent job at re-creating the Dolphins uniforms with their strong color accents. The Dolphins only have two jersey combinations; green and white and are one of the few NFL teams to wear white jerseys at home.


Dallas Cowboys Navy Blue Alternate Jersey

2. Dallas Cowboys Navy Blue Alternate Jersey

This navy blue alternate jersey was re-introduced in 2004 and is always worn for the Thanksgiving Day game. The Dallas Cowboys originally wore this double-starred design during the 1960-1966 seasons and is one of the most popular alternate jerseys in the NFL. Like Major League Baseball's New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys have made very few adjustments to the team's uniforms. I love the strong contrast between the white shoulders and the dark navy blue front of the jersey. The Cowboys have three jersey combinations; traditional navy blue, white and navy blue alternate.


Jacksonville Jaguars Black Jersey

1. Jacksonville Jaguars Black Jersey

I find it ironic that ESPN ranked this uniform as the worst jersey in the NFL in 2013. To each, his own. While the Jacksonville Jaguars may not have much going on down on the field, they have some of the most stylish jerseys in the league. In fact, owner Shahid Khan gave Nike 100% control over what the Jaguars wear on the field; just like the agreement they have with the Oregon Ducks. The Jaguars all black alternate was revealed in 2002. The Jaguars have yet to implement teal or gold pants but could utilize these colors in coming seasons. The Jaguars have three jersey combinations; black, white and teal.