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"I was lucky enough to run across your website today when I was looking for Pittsburgh Steelers tickets for our family. I love From This Seat's concept and luckily, someone had left feedback on the sections we were looking for. Please do not stop what you're doing, fans find this information very useful as your company gives fans a sense of confidence before making their purchase. I will continue to use From This Seat before I buy my tickets to any event in the Pittsburgh area "


Allegheny City, PA


"I just added a comment on the seats I had as a New York Islanders season ticket holder. From This Seat is an adorable idea.  It's also a great forum for people to put their memories and it helps keep other fans from making big purchases on bad seats. Keep up the hard work, John. "


Uniondale, NY


I appreciate you guys listing the coupon codes of the various ticket brokers on your website. It helps knock out a portion of those extra fees they charge for downloading and printing, delivery, etc. I also wanted to thank you for creating a website that allows fans to have their voice heard when they're unhappy with their seats. Those that attend games at Wrigley Field and Fenway Park with any regularity will find your website especially useful.


Naperville, IL


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