Charles Barkley, Phoenix Suns. 

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Out of the 4 major professional sports leagues, it's safe to say that the NBA has almost been the most creative and have always been the most willing to push the envelope with wild colors and designs. Did you see the Christmas Day uniforms in 2013? You get the idea. See if your favorite NBA team made our list of the top ten best NBA jerseys. 


Sacramento Kings Black Alternate Jersey

10. Sacramento Kings Black Alternate Jersey

In recent years, the Sacramento Kings have had more jersey changes than any other team. They had previously retired their black alternate uniforms before bringing them back in 2011. This time, "Kings" is spelled in cursive writing and is a much better look than the half black/half purple uniforms they donned a few seasons ago. The Kings have three jersey combinations; white (home), purple (away) and black (alternate).


Atlanta Hawks Navy Blue Away Jersey

9. Atlanta Hawks Navy Blue Away Jersey 

The Atlanta Hawks navy blue jerseys of old previously read "Hawks" on them but the team switched these up to include "Atlanta" on the away jerseys. I love the contrasting colors of red and navy blue but also how sharp the jersey looks despite being so simple. I would, however, appreciate a throwback look that would include the players wearing the Dominique Wilkins era Hawks jerseys. The Hawks only have two jersey combinations; white (home) and navy blue (away).


Minnesota Timberwolves Black Alternate Jersey

8. Minnesota Timberwolves Black Alternate Jersey 

This current alternate jersey has been in use since 2010. The Minnesota Timberwolves previous alternate black jerseys were in use from 1998 to 2008. This jersey's two best features are it's blue and white stripes going down the side of the jersey and the fact that it has sleeves. The sleeves create a more form fitting jersey and most other NBA jerseys are sleeveless so this one is very distinct. The Timberwolves have three jersey combinations; white (home), blue (away) and black (alternate).



Golden State Warriors Blue Road Jersey

7. Golden State Warriors Royal Blue Road Jersey 

The Golden State Warriors have had many varieties of uniforms over the years. Who could forget the Rick Barry era Warrior uniforms that read "The City"? Or the red uniforms they donned just a few short years ago? I like that both their home and away jerseys are a reciprocal of each other. The best feature of the blue road jersey is obviously the Golden Gate bridge on the center of the jersey that pays tribute to the Bay Area. Look for the Warriors to adopt a new style of jerseys when they move to San Francisco in a few seasons. The Warriors have three jersey combinations; white (home), royal blue (away) and black (alternate).



Brooklyn Nets Black Away Jersey 

6. Brooklyn Nets Black Away Jersey 

The Brooklyn Nets have a rather simplistic uniform, much like the San Antonio Spurs but the all black resembles the grittiness of all that is Brooklyn, New York. Basketball may have originated in Kansas but the capital of basketball is New York City. I look forward to Christmas Day 2014 when the Nets debut their all black uniform with sleeves and the first name of each player on the lower back. Simple or not, the Nets away jersey has a bold look. The Nets only have two jersey combinations; white (home) and black (away).


New Orleans Pelicans Navy Blue Away Jersey

5. New Orleans Pelicans Navy Blue Away Jersey 

Although the New Orleans Pelicans are a young franchise, they've seen their share of uniform changes especially after changing their name from the Hornets to the Pelicans. The contrast between navy and gold are this uniforms best feature, especially since few NBA teams don navy blue. I was tempted to include the red alternate jersey as our #5 best NBA jersey but the navy blue won me over after much thought. With Anthony Davis as a budding superstar in the league, NBA fans should get used to seeing these jerseys on the street. The Pelicans have three jersey combinations; white (home), navy blue (away) and red (alternate).


Portland Trail Blazers Rip City Alternate Jersey

4. Portland Trail Blazers "Rip City" Alternate Jersey

The Rip City alternate uniforms are worn for home games only. The team never had a mascot until just a few seasons ago (what is a Trailblazer, anyway?) so their uniforms usually remain pretty simplistic. The story behind why the Portland Trail Blazers are called "RIP City" is very random and it has no ties as a nickname to the city of Portland. In a game vs. the Los Angeles Lakers in 1971 (the Blazers first season), Trail Blazers play by play announcer Bill Schonely shouted "RIP City" after a Jim Barnett made jump shot. Not much to the story, I know...sorry to disappoint. The Trailblazers have four jersey combinations; white (home), black (away), red (alternate) and the Rip City alternate jersey.


Washington Wizards White Home Jersey

3. Washington Wizards White Home Jersey 

From 1997 to 2011, the Washington Wizards wore black, gold and blue colors on their jerseys (Gilbert Arenas era). However, those colors didn't represent our nation's capital very well, ownership decided. So in 2011, the Wizards organization decided to adopt a more patriotic scheme of jersey colors. The colors also payed tribute to their old name and color scheme - the Washington Bullets. I love the color combination of white, red and blue. The Wizards road jersey is also the reciprocal of their home jersey. Now that the Wizards are in what's known as the John Wall era, the current style of uniforms will be remembered for many years to come. The Wizards have three jersey combinations; white (home), red (away) and navy blue (alternate).



Chicago Bulls Black Alternate Jersey 

2. Chicago Bulls Black Alternate Jersey 

The Chicago Bulls all black alternate uniforms are some of the NBA's most popular uniforms in it's history. They were first introduced in 1995 during Michael Jordan's return (when he wore number 45) and they were quickly a hit. Back then, the jerseys featured red pinstripes and read "Bulls" on the front. The organization has since removed the pinstripes and the front of the jersey now reads "Chicago". The Bulls have three jersey combinations; white (home), red (away) and black(alternate).



Phoenix Suns Purple Away Jersey

1. Phoenix Suns Purple Away Jersey 

Historically, the Phoenix Suns have always had very bright, loud and eccentric uniforms compared to the rest of the league dating back to 1968. In fact, the Charles Barkley/Dan Majerle era sunburst uniforms are still very popular among jersey enthusiasts. The Suns current uniforms remotely resemble the old sunburst uniforms. There is a heat streak along all three current uniforms but no basketball. The contrasting colors between the white, purple and orange give the Suns a color combination unlike any other team in the NBA. Add to the mix that the current Suns team is one of the youngest and most exciting teams to watch live. The Suns have three jersey combinations; white (home), purple (away) and orange (alternate). While the orange could have also easily ended up number one on our list, the purple away jerseys were just too good to not include.