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Founded: 2010


Founder: Sam Soni



 1745 Peachtree Street NE, Suite F

 Atlanta, GA 30309





Bio: Primesport carries tickets, travel packages and other hospitality related products for sporting events like the Final Four, Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, etc. They also have a large inventory of tickets for nearly every college and pro team. They are soon set to be bought out and acquired by the Carlyle Group.




#2 Issac 2015-04-01 05:28
PrimeSport is great if you and family members are planning on going to a big event like the Super Bowl. We bought one of their packages last year to go to the Men's Final Four to see Kentucky vs. Connecticut and Wisconsin. They have different packages, some of them will include access to the hospitality room, open bar, etc. Our package only included tickets to all three games and it was pricey but worth the experience if you've got the money. It's a unique company, they've definitely got their own niche. Check them out for yourself - especially if you like Nascar.
#1 Douglas 2015-04-01 01:31
Unless you're looking for tickets and travel packages for the Indianapolis 500 or something similar, don't use Primesport. They don't give you the print at home option for regular events like NFL and NBA games. They charge a flat rate of $20 for shipping the tickets to your home and when it's all said and done, like $30 worth of extra charges have been tacked onto your purchase order. If you hate the hidden service charges, buy your tickets on Ticket Monster or TickPick.