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For whatever reason, sports fans see ticket scalpers as such mystifying people. How do they get tickets? Do they sell tickets for a living? How do I know if the tickets they sell me are real? These are questions we hear all of the time. And for those that cannot afford tickets on websites like Stubhub or maybe don't even know how to use them, ticket scalpers are their only hope.


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Not since 1988 has the city of Cincinnati, Ohio hosted the Major League Baseball All Star Game. At the time, the game was played at the former home of the Cincinnati Reds, Riverfront Stadium. 12 years after the opening of Great American Ballpark (2003), the organization is gearing up for this year's "Midsummer Classic". The first order of business - replacing the old seats with brand new ones. 

Obstructed View Seats


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Purchasing tickets to your favorite event isn't always fail proof. Thousands of ticket transactions happen every single day a game is played. Mistakes are often made and it isn't always your fault. Below are the most common mistakes made when purchasing tickets to your favorite event and our advice on how to resolve the situation. 


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 The NBA has definitely seen it's share of bad nicknames over the years - especially before it merged with the ABA. Who would have guessed that Utah isn't known for it's Jazz and Grizzly bears aren't native to Memphis, Tennessee? However, we wanted to touch base and document how all 30 NBA teams came up with their nickname for everyone's enjoyment.


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The NHL has a lot more history than the rest of the sports world gives it credit for and hockey had history decades before the NHL was even founded. With it's rapidly growing popularity in the United States, I thought it would be cool to include a brief history on how all 30 NHL teams came up with their nicknames. Some of the stories are cooler than others. Enjoy!


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Why are the 49ers called the 49ers? What is a Packer? Don't lie. As big and popular as the National Football League is, few fans know the origins of even the team they cheer for. Well let us put an end to all of that ignorance. We did some research and here is how all 32 NFL teams got their nickname. Enjoy!


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As devout as Major League Baseball fans are, I would guess that 70% of fans don't know the history of their team's nickname. I knew my favorite team's history (Cincinnati Reds) but not to the extent that I had expected. From This Seat did some research as to how all 30 Major League Baseball teams arrived at their nickname. Keep in mind that many of these are legend and that there are conflicting stories but the ones listed are by wide consensus. We're looking forward to your comments below. Enjoy!

 Michael Jordan Signing Autographs

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Due to our elaborate list of hotels that teams stay in while on the road, we get all kinds of questions from autograph seekers. We thought it would be helpful to give advice to sports fans on how they could meet their favorite athlete in person. I can promise you that no one is as inaccessible as you might imagine.

Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals

 Only three teams in the National Football League have made the NFL playoffs the past four consecutive seasons; the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals. Two of those three teams won Super Bowls in that time span. In fact, the Cincinnati Bengals haven't won a playoff game in 25 years and are in 0-6 in the playoffs since Marvin Lewis took the reigns. Both Lewis and Andy Dalton are taking the most flack for the Bengals lack of success come January while Bengals owner Mike Brown lurks behind the scenes.

 Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

If you're like me, you've recently become annoyed with all of the media and corporate hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl. I thought it would be nice to take a look back at some of the good ole' days of the NFL and the top ten players to ever play in this fine league. See if your favorite team is represented on our list.

 Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day in Sports in the United States. And whether the NFL likes to admit it or not, it's all because of us. Whether it's watching for the silly commercials, because of the half time entertainment, because our favorite teams are playing or because you just love football, there is no other day like it. We compiled photos of football fans from around the U.S. to show how they spent their day for Super Bowl XLIV between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. We hope everyone ate and drank well! Enjoy!

Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium

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In case you've been hiding under a rock for two weeks, there is a bit of controversy lingering heading into Super Bowl XLIV. Here's the situation. The New England Patriots met the Indianapolis Colts during the AFC Championship game to decide who goes to the Super Bowl. The Patriots were victorious by a score of 45-7. Afterwards, there has been speculation that the Patriots staff had deflated their footballs used on offense to less than 12.5 PSI (pound per square inch). Did this trick give the team an advantage? Or did they even cheat the system? As radical as ESPN's Colin Cowherd's comments are at times, he made one last week about the ongoing "Deflate Gate" investigation that put this whole mess into better perspective for us all.

"Give a deflated football to Vince Young or Ryan Leaf vs. Andrew Luck. Let's see who comes out on top".

Sure, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have been in question before concerning cheating. But when a team comes out on top 45-7, does it really matter?

 Map of all 30 Major League Ballparks

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There are tons of review websites out there like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Tons of websites where you can see the view from your section. We wanted to give baseball fans the opportunity to briefly peak inside all 30 Major League Ballparks via Youtube. Many of the videos we have compiled will show you what the concourses are like, what the crowd flow is like and also what the game day atmosphere is like! Some of the videos are brief, some are long, some are better than others. Go see these ballparks for yourself! Enjoy!


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 AAU basketball or grassroots basketball at the prep level is vastly different today than it was 20 years ago. Shoe companies like Nike and Adidas have very big hands in the organization and why wouldn't they? They want other young athletes buying and wearing their products. AAU basketball gives college coaches the opportunity to see would be recruits collectively in one location throughout the summer. It's all about exposure and these kids have become marketable commodities. The style of play often resembles that of an All-Star game with not much defense and plenty of ball hogging. There are also those parents and AAU coaches who have developed reputations as not having the best interests at heart for their players. It's a different world alright. Nevertheless, we have assembled our list of the top ten AAU basketball programs in the United States. See who your favorite NBA player played for during his high school summers.

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 Despite the 24 Stanley Cups won by the Montreal Canadiens, the history and passion of the Detroit Red Wings and their fans is on par with Montreal. Hey, they don't call Detroit, Michigan "Hockeytown USA" for nothing. The Red Wings have won an impressive 11 Stanley Cups, good for third in the NHL all time. But there's a whacky tradition that started in 1952 that this franchise and fan base are perhaps the most well known for.

 Dallas Cowboys Fans

 We all have our allegiances when it comes to watching professional sports. And yes, bandwagon fans are inevitable - it just takes a few competitive seasons. However, there are some fan bases that are just as classic and timeless as the teams that they root for. See if your favorite team made our list of the most passionate fan bases in in the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. 



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Fanhood is what makes sports so special. It brings everyone together. It also allows us to engage in friendly conversation and gives us days to look forward to on our busy schedules.  There are, however, some groups of fans that tend to take things a little too far come game day. See if your favorite team had the misfortune of making our list of the most annoying fan bases in both professional and college sports.

 Green Bay Packers Helmets

 The Green Bay Packers are perhaps the most storied franchise in the National Football League despite what Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers fans may tell you. The origins of the iconic "G" on their helmet recently encountered a lot of discussion after a Tiki Barber interview with Green Bay Packers players at Super Bowl XLV. So what does the "G" on the Packers helmet stand for if it doesn't stand for "Green Bay"?


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 Trust me, we get it. Playing professionally in any sport is tough. When Jalen Rose recently decided to make his list of the top ten greatest NBA players of all time, we decided to go the other direction. Here is a list of the top ten worst NBA players of all time. We felt bad but everyone loves the "Not Top 10 Plays" on ESPN, right? 


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When a football fan that doesn't root for the Carolina Panthers hears the phrase "Keep Pounding", they probably think of it as a reference to the running game. Actually, the term has deep meaning and pays tribute to former Panthers linebacker Sam Mills Jr. But what does it mean? Sam Mills Jr. battled adversity his entire life. Many times Mills was told that he was too small to play in the NFL. We all soon found out that Mills had more fight and determination in him than anyone both on the field and off the field. 



While many NBA fans don't share the same fascination with their league's venues as Major League Baseball fans do with theirs, there are still plenty of cool venues to visit throughout the league's 28 cities. The rule of thumb seems to be that the larger the arena, the more history the team has and the more in demand their tickets are. With that, we've compiled a list of the ten largest arenas in the NBA.