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Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

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 America loves their Dallas Cowboys. But aside from the Green Bay Packers, virtually no other NFL franchise can rival the Chicago Bears in overall history and legend. Once called the Decatur Staleys in 1920, the Chicago Bears have retired 14 jersey numbers; the most in the NFL and the third most in professional sports. While this is the ultimate tribute to the club's former players, a more significant tribute has been worn on the sleeves of the Chicago Bears' uniforms for 30 seasons now. 

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The chant "Who Dat" has been in circulation throughout the Southern United States for many years, some say even before New Orleans had an NFL franchise (1967). Many people reference the two words in poems, minstrel shows and even on an old jazz record. Others reference St. Augustine High School, LSU and Alcorn State University as the true creators. After all, that's how people in places like Louisiana talk, right? However, the most widely accepted time frame for the chant's creation was in October of 1983 following the New Orleans Saints' loss to the San Francisco 49ers. 

 Ragnar, mascot of the Minnesota Vikings

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 There are a number of battle cry's and sayings around the National Football League that many fans are foreign to. Why do New Orleans Saints fans say "Who Dat"? Why do Chicago Bears fans say "Bear Down"? Why do Cincinnati Bengals fans say "Who Dey"? "Skol, Vikings" is another popular saying heard around the league. There are a number of stories about how the saying came about but we'll stick with the most consistent ones.

If you're a fan of the National Football League, you've likely seen a variety of chants including "Who Dey" from Cincinnati Bengals fans. While few fans probably know the saying's origin, many seem to think that Bengals fans stole the saying from the New Orleans Saints or the LSU Tigers. Let's clear it all up once and for all.

After being founded in 1970, the Portland Trail Blazers had never had a mascot until 2002 when they adopted "Blaze the Trail Cat". However, the team has had a special nickname for many years dating back to it's inaugural season. 


 Anaheim Ducks Retro Jersey

Once upon a time, before the NHL, hockey jerseys were known as "sweaters". Why you ask? Because that's exactly what they were. The game was played on frozen ponds. Many organized hockey teams had minimal funds so they would all buy the same sweater from a store and simply write their name and number on the back. Humble beginnings but isn't that part of what makes hockey so nostalgic and special? See if your favorite NHL team made our list of the top ten best NHL jerseys. 


 Charles Barkley, Phoenix Suns  Photo Source: BlackVibes

 Out of the 4 major professional sports leagues, it's safe to say that the NBA has almost been the most creative and have always been the most willing to push the envelope with wild colors and designs. Did you see the Christmas Day uniforms in 2013? You get the idea. See if your favorite NBA team made our list of the top ten best NBA jerseys. 

Georgia Dome, Home of the Atlanta Falcons

 Nike NFL Jerseys

 Ever since Nike took over Reebok's throne as the NFL's jersey merchandiser in 2012, there has been an obvious improvement in the design and quality of jerseys. They are better fitting and more flattering, boast brighter and more solid colors and their sales for the league have been strong.  See if your favorite team made our list of the NFL's top ten best jerseys.

PNC Arena, home of the Carolina Hurricanes

 Top Ten Best Major League Baseball Jerseys

 Sporting baseball jerseys to our favorite ballparks during the summertime is a beautiful thing, let's be honest. I sported a Barry Bonds jersey as a child and maybe one day, my child will be wearing a Mike Trout jersey to his first game. Below, we have compiled a list of the top ten coolest MLB jerseys in the game. See if your favorite team's jersey made the list. 


Rexall Place. Home of the Edmonton Oilers.



The origins of basketball are well documented. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891 in Lawrence, Kansas where he helped jumpstart the Jayhawk basketball program. From then until the start of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1946 there was a huge chunk of basketball history that remains unknown to most basketball fans. 

Tampa Bay Lightning Game - Amalie Arena