Exterior photo of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Home of the Atlanta Falcons. 

Image Credit: Thomson200 - Wikimedia Commons

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, became the first professional sports stadium to ban cash when it did so in 2019. Now, Steve Cannon, CEO of AMB Group, is urging other professional sports stadiums to follow suit. The news came following an e-seminar hosted by AMB Group that was attended by more than 130 professional sports teams and 40 college teams. According to Cannon, Mercedes-Benz Stadium going cashless was originally motivated by the need to shorten wait times at points of sale and improve customer service. However, the Coronavirus scare will likely encourage other professional sports venues to follow suit due to fear over the transport of germs via cash. 

By going cashless, Mercedes-Benz Stadium was able to save $350,000 in expenses compared to the previous season due to more efficient operations and accounting. The stadium also saw a 16% increase in food and beverage revenue per capita. Sports fans that do not have access to credit and debit cards will be able to load their cash onto prepaid debit cards. These prepaid debit cards can be acquired via ten kiosks found throughout the Mercedes-Benz Stadium grounds.


In the event that the 2020 NFL season does take place, the Atlanta Falcons are considering opening the stadium gates earlier to create smaller crowds at entry. The Seattle Seahawks will also be converting to cashless operations at CenturyLink Field.


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