#1 Johnny H 2012-08-17 05:59
BankAtlantic Center is just one big slab of concrete out in the Everglades with overpriced food and drinks. (All of which are in the arena because there are no restaurants in the surrounding area).

303 was in the Lexus Club; sat here for the game against the Habs last season in 2011-2012. The view isn't all that great; it's more like an upper deck view of the ice so you're paying all of that extra money to sit high up when you could be sitting on the lower level. Granted, there are only three rows and I did like that - not having a bunch of people around me.

There is also a wait staff member to bring you your food and drink but the food isn't free and you have to tip them at the end. Is it worth it? No.

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