#2 Chris 2015-01-09 15:28
I've sat in these seats several times through a friend. The seats are comfortable (if sitting down during a football game is your thing). The concessions and restrooms are easier to access and faster to get to. There are full bars with hard alcohol and beer/wine. The food options are different than what you find in other parts of the stadium, but are not of any higher quality and there is actually less variety. The seats are obviously midfield and provide a good vertical and horizontal vantage point, albeit a little further off the field than the lower level midfield seats. The biggest downside for me is the crowd energy in the Club level is terrible. The majority of the seats are corporate and get handed out to less hardcore fans (and non-Pats fans in some cases). Fans in the club seats also prefer to sit during the game, although this is something you'll find in pockets around the stadium (Long time season ticket holders are fickle beasts and like to dicate stadium norms). For social and energetic fans, the added amenities and benefits of these seats do not justify the added cost, nor compensate for the toned down atmosphere.
#1 Randen 2012-09-14 05:39
These seats will give you a completely different outlook on Patriots football. Talk about sitting in luxury. I have sat in the 100s, club seats (200s) and 300s at Gillette Stadium and they each will give you a different experience. The first two levels are more about intimacy and proximity to the field.

I will warn, there are a lot of seats for the club level. You will still have your share of stairs to climb in section 211, especially the closer you sit to row 1 obviously.

All of the club seats have private entrances and are guarded tight so there will never be someone sitting in your seat before you get there.
The seats have extra comfort too with the padding and extra leg room. You always get what you pay for.

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