View from the Party Pass/Standing Room Only area at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. 



View from the Party Pass Area at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys


#3 Mitch 2013-09-20 05:36
If you're going to sit in the Party Pass Area, definitely bring friends with you so they can save your spot along the railing or even wherever you're standing. Get there early too!
Nothing too special about the Party Pass Areas. There are different designated areas but you'll have a much better experience just forking over the money for a regular seat to cheer on the Cowboys.
#2 John M 2012-09-20 07:28
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from the Party Pass Areas, here are a few Youtube videos shot from there during Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium.
#1 Hunter 2012-09-18 05:53
If there is one way to describe the Party Pass area, it's chaos and not in a good way. It's basically a fancy way for Jerry to call it 'standing roomy only'. You can't see any of the field and end up watching the game on the huge jumbo tron when you could be watching it at home with an endless supply of beer in the fridge.

Did I mention you will often be required to shell out $30 for a party pass ticket? You can find upper level seats for $35 for most games. And if you don't get to the game two or three hours before kickoff, no way you will even see the field. Even if you get next to the railing, you can't go to get a beer or go to the bathroom because someone will take your spot. The party pass area is a waste.

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