Seat view from section 224 at the Target Center, home of the Minnesota Timberwolves


#2 Paul Jones 2013-10-27 23:40
Went to the Wolves v. Denver Nuggets game last December. It was a weeknight game and we couldn't pass on these seats since they were so cheap. When we arrived, we realized why they were so cheap. You can't see too much of what's going on and the steps are hella steep. Make sure you use the guard rails and are careful! These seats would be fine for a Wild hockey game if they played in the same arena but for basketball, you'd be better off skipping section 224 since so many other better seats can be bought for the same amount of money.
#1 quinn 2012-11-17 17:42
224 sits in the corner of the upper deck. Not the most ideal place to sit but they're better than what most fans will expect. I could see the court, just not very well. If you're a fan that just wants to be in the building for a game, then sit here because these seats are extremely affordable but don't expect the best experience possible. Parking and dinner will cost more than tickets for 224.

If you don't like the stair climbing involved with sitting on the top level, rows A-C sit below this sections' entrance which means you'll be climbing down to your seats instead of up. It will basically put all of the fan movement behind you so there won't be anyone climbing up and down the aisles while the game is being played. Binoculars will only help here if you have a pair.

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