Seat view from bleacher section 313 at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs


#2 Anthony 2013-04-24 00:32
There was nothing too special about our seats here. Just a normal bleacher section. If you complain about comfort, you will be miserable here. This section will appeal to only two types of people: die hards and people that like to drink. On a positive note, it's a great place to catch a home run ball and get on tv. Chances are though, you'll be asked to throw it back.

I've found bleacher tickets for as little as $10 before. Finding them for that low is hit or miss, really depends on who the Cubbies are playing. It can be a real s___ show sometimes due to all of the drunk kids from Northwestern and UI-Chicago cutting class.
#1 John M 2013-04-24 00:18
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from section 313, here is a Youtube video shot from there during a Cubs/Houston Astros game at Wrigley Field.

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