Photo of Baltimore Ravens fans entering M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland.

Image Credit: Austin Kirk (CC BY 2.0)

The Baltimore Ravens recently announced that they would be switching to a digital ticketing system at M&T Bank Stadium. The new system will require fans to download the Ravens Mobile App. This change will undoubtedly become a nuisance for many Baltimore Ravens fans, especially those that are older and aren’t as familiar with digital technology. However, the Baltimore Ravens have dealt with many cases of ticketing fraud in seasons past and were ready to make a change that will hopefully lead to fewer headaches for everyone.

PDF tickets are very easy for scalpers to manipulate according to the Baltimore Ravens organization. The Ravens anticipate the waits at M&T Bank Stadium's entry gates to be shorter as a result of this change. However, the Ravens will still accept printed tickets for several more seasons during this transition. Fans will also be able to send tickets to others via the Ravens Mobile App if they’re unable to attend a home game. The new ticketing system will also eliminate the likelihood of Ravens fans misplacing their tickets, forgetting them at home or having them stolen.

Baltimore Ravens season ticket holders will be mailed season ticket cards that can be worn on a lanyard to serve as their ticket for an entire season. The ticket cards are said to resemble a credit card. As you already know, all Baltimore Ravens season ticket holders are required to first purchase a personal seat license (PSL). If the Ravens’ new digital ticketing system goes over well in Baltimore, look for the other 31 NFL teams to adopt similar ticketing systems. Several already have.


The Baltimore Ravens have also began making several upgrades to M&T Bank Stadium that will cost $120M to complete. The upgrades include the addition of

  • Corner notch suites on the upper level
  • New 4K Ultra high-definition scoreboards in each corner of M&T Bank Stadium
  • A new and improved WiFi system and sound system
  • Escalators and elevators that service the upper level of M&T Bank Stadium
  • New concession offerings and upgrades to the stadium’s kitchens and club lounges

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