Photo of the protective netting behind homeplate at Comerica Park.

Image Credit: Deb Nystrom (CC BY 2.0)

After a Todd Frazier (New York Yankees) line drive struck a young girl at Yankee Stadium last week, the Detroit Tigers have announced that they will be adding more protective netting to Comerica Park this offseason. Major League Baseball made league-wide recommendations for netting and fan safety back in 2015. The netting at Comerica Park currently extends between the start of both dugouts and runs behind home plate. The new netting will likely extend further down to the ends of both dugouts.

Many Major League players expressed their concerns for fan safety in years past. The fans, on the other hand, did not want additional netting with the fear that it could obstruct their view of the field. The Detroit Tigers’ ballpark operations staff is currently developing a plan of design and implementation for the new netting system. The New York Mets were one of the first Major League teams to add additional protective netting for their fans. Other teams that will also add additional netting to their home ballparks include the San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs.




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