Photo of the scoreboard at Heinz Field. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Image Credit: Cynthia Closkey (CC BY 2.0)

After adding a few thousand seats to south end zone at Heinz Field a few seasons ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers are now adding a new scoreboard to the area. The scoreboard is 45% larger than the previous scoreboard, will measure 5,000 total square feet and will be 41 feet high and 123 ½ feet wide. Technology giant Daktronics helped the Pittsburgh Steelers organization install and operate the scoreboard which will feature a 13HD pixel layout.

13HD will present fans with a sharper and higher quality image during replays and other videos. The video board upgrade cost $3 million. When Heinz Field first opened, the south end zone consisted of very few seats. The Pittsburgh Steelers have also stripped and replaced the old turf at Heinz Field in addition to adding a new heating system underneath the field.  Additional upgrades include the addition of more food offerings via their partner Aramark and the development of a new parking garage outside of Heinz Field. The garage is called the Gold One Lot and will feature an additional 1,000 parking spaces but will not allow fans to tailgate on the property.

Many teams in the National Football League including the Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also recently upgraded their end zone scoreboards. Teams are now scratching and clawing to keep up with the rest of the league in terms of fan amenities and technology. Many NFL organizations are finding that it’s much cheaper to renovate and upgrade their current stadium than to opt for constructing a new one.





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