Photo of Hello Kitty throwing out the first pitch at a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park.

Image Credit: Harshlight - Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

We’ve heard of some different ticket promotions in our day. The Los Angeles Dodgers will host “Hello Kitty Night” at Dodger Stadium on September 25th. The Los Angeles Dodgers have hosted “Hello Kitty Nights” during previous seasons. Maybe the event is a hit? Even the Milwaukee Brewers hosted a Hello Kitty Night at Miller Park earlier this season. We're just having a hard time connecting Hello Kitty, which appeals to young girls, to the game of baseball. 

Fans are eligible to receive a trendy LA Dodgers/Hello Kitty tote bag with the purchase of their ticket but are only eligible by purchasing their ticket online through a group ticket sales representative. It’s not even a stadium giveaway. 

The Seattle Mariners hosted “Yoga Day” at SafeCo Field earlier this season. Fans that attended received a Mariners Yoga mat and took part in a Yoga session on the field immediately after the game. Major League Baseball has already admitted that it has a “millennial problem” and isn’t drawing younger fans. Maybe the league is doing everything in it’s power to draw youth to the ballpark with the hopes of getting them hooked on the game of baseball. If that’s the motive, then we should all applaud the effort and do what we can to help preserve America’s favorite pastime.


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