Photo of an assortment of Montreal Canadiens season tickets.

Image Credit: Jason Ellis - Facebook 

The Montreal Canadiens are hitting season ticket holders with a $150 penalty if they elect to have their season tickets printed and mailed to them. According to Francois Marchand, a spokesman for the team, mobile tickets will be a priority next season for reasons pertaining to security, ease of use and the environment. Therefore, all season ticket holders will be receiving their season tickets via their mobile devices unless they elect to pay the $150 surcharge.

Spokesmen from teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators and Calgary Flames all confirmed that their organizations do not implement a surcharge for fans that want their season tickets printed. However, the three organizations will allow season ticket packages to be sent to mobile devices. $150 isn’t all fans will pay to have their tickets printed, either. That amount does not include a $22 tax and a $100 administration fee.

So why did the Montreal Canadiens implement this surcharge? We’re not sure we buy the “for the environment” garbage as the team’s spokesman explained. The answer is because they can. The Montreal Canadiens are one of the most popular teams in the National Hockey League and play in one of the largest hockey markets in North America. In fact, every Canadiens home game since January 8th, 2004 has been a sellout; a streak of more than 540 home games. The team’s waiting list for season tickets also extends for several years; an impressive feat for the largest arena in the National Hockey League.

When a season ticket holder finally receives their season tickets in the mail, they experience a rush of dopamine as the anticipation for the upcoming season builds. Nevertheless, we have a feeling the Montreal Canadiens will still be printing their share of tickets for the 2017-2018 season, surcharge or not.




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