Photo of a Calgary Flames fan drinking beer at Scotiabank Saddledome during a Calgary Flames game. 
There is great myth and legend surrounding the infamous "Heroin Beer" served during Calgary Flames games at the Scotiabank Saddledome. Although the stadium serves ordinary draft beers such as Molson, Rickard's, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, etc, Calgary Flames fans suggest that the draft beer has higher alcohol content than in other NHL arenas. In fact, the myth became so popular that the Toronto Sun decided to test the beer at a local laboratory in an effort to debunk the myth. What they found out was that the alcohol content was 4.9%, which is standard for the beers served on draft at the arena.  
However, the Calgary Flames organization has always been reluctant to allow outsiders to see the beer storage coolers in the basement of the arena. The basement is where the draft beer is pumped to the concessions above. Many Calgary Flames season ticket holders insist that the service lines that shoot the beer up to the concessions are dirty and this effects the content of the beer. The food and beverage services of the Saddledome, however, insist that the service lines are cleaned regularly. 
Could the fact that the beer is poured from the bottom, as seen in the video below, have an effect?

Another common myth is that the draft beer is over carbonated and that's why it's so foamy. Higher carbonation, by science, will get the body drunker faster. Others believe that the beer cups served at Flames games are simply bigger at a whopping 20 ounces. We were unable to confirm that all concession stands serve beer cups of this size. If so, 20 ounces dwarf the normal 12 ounces in the typical can or bottle of beer. Fans rarely take into account how many ounces of beer they're consuming, they simply count by the serving. The best answers, however, will always be from Calgary Flames fans themselves. See what Flames fans are saying about the Saddledome's "Heroin Beer" on social media. 
We can't say whether or not we believe in the myth of the Saddledome's magical "Heroin Beer". Let's just say that we're more than curious and will certainly try a few drafts when we visit Calgary, Alberta for a future Flames game.


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