Dodger Stadium Seating Chart.


Where To Sit At Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is the largest stadium in Major League Baseball. The fact that it was also built into the side of hill in the Chavez Ravine creates a unique stadium to navigate for fans. Unlike other MLB ballparks you’ve probably been to, you enter Dodger Stadium from the top of the stadium and travel downward to the lower levels. Before we get into our breakdown of the Dodger Stadium seating chart, here are a few brief tidbits to consider before purchasing your Los Angeles Dodgers tickets.

  • Whenever you see the words “VIP or “MVP” advertised for ticket listings, it means you will be in the first few rows of that section. This also means such tickets will cost more.
  • The parking lot opens two hours before the game begins. This is also the exact same time the stadium’s gates open which means everyone is sometimes late getting to their seats. Rumor is this is an effort to eliminate tailgating outside of the stadium. (There are no bars or restaurants in the immediate vicinity around Dodger Stadium.)
  • What gate you enter and which area of the stadium you have access to depends on where your seats are. Choose your tickets wisely when purchasing online or at the box office.

Now. Onto the summary. We’ll first start with the left and right field pavilion seats in the outfield.



All you Can Eat Pavilion Seats (Right Field Bleachers)

View from the All you can eat Pavilion Bleacher Seats at Dodger Stadium

Yes, you read that correctly. You can purchase a ticket at Dodger Stadium that entitles you to unlimited hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, soda and water. For that reason, this is the perfect ticket for Dodger fans with children and large families.

All you can eat food at dodger stadium

Face value for these seats will be $32-$50 depending on the opponent. The “All You Can Eat” Pavilion seating area consists of sections 302-316. These were formerly known as simply “The Bleachers”. The comfort level isn’t all that great here since these aren’t individual seats; you’ll be sitting on benches.






Time Warner Cable Left Field Pavilion (Left Field Bleachers)

 View from the Left Field Pavilion Seats at Dodger Stadium

These are the left field bleachers and they consist of sections 301-315. These seats ARE NOT all you can eat but are right next to the all you can eat seats (right field bleachers). These seats are one of the best values at Dodger Stadium and are priced at $18-$35 per ticket face value depending on the opponent. The Dodger Stadium bleachers have always had a pretty bad reputation for violence and drunkenness before the recent increase in stadium security. Some even say the Los Angeles street gang community has a strong presence inside the ballpark. Just keep that in mind.






Top Deck 

View from the Top Deck seats at Dodger Stadium

This seating area is pretty self-explanatory. These seats are located up as high as it gets in the ballpark. The area consists of sections 1-13. These tickets will range from $12-$30 face value per ticket depending on the opponent. Hence, these are the cheapest seats in all of Dodger Stadium. Do not expect a great view of the playing field here. You will have an excellent view of the ravine and rolling hills outside of the ballpark but that quickly vanishes when it gets dark. Unfortunately, as previously stated with the pavilion/bleacher seats, you will want to avoid the cheap seats at Dodger Stadium simply because of the crowd that sits there.





Reserve Level

 View from the Reserve Level at Dodger Stadium

The reserve level is one level below Dodger Stadium’s top deck. It’s still somewhat of an upper level ticket but the view will be much improved compared to the top deck. Face value for each ticket will cost between $11-$48 depending on the opponent and whether your seats are MVP (behind home plate), infield reserve or preferred reserve (outfield).  




Field Box 

View from the Field Box Seats at Dodger Stadium

The field boxes are the best “regular seats” in Dodger stadium. When I say regular seats, I mean seats that aren’t in a “premium” seating area such as the dugout boxes or club seats. There are three areas that are considered field boxes; preferred (outfield) and VIP/MVP (both behind home plate). The Field Box VIP seats will be the closest to the field.

View from the Field Box Seats at Dodger Stadium

The field boxes consist of sections 1-25 and are priced at $48-$140 per ticket depending on the section and the opponent. You really can’t go wrong with any field box ticket. You’ll get access to the stadium’s main level to get the true Dodger Stadium experience as well as have close proximity to the field.





Executive Club

View from the Executive Club at Dodger Stadium

The club seats at Dodger Stadium are also known as the “Executive Club”. They consist of sections 229-261 on the 3rd level of Dodger Stadium. The area extends from third base to the left field foul pole. The rows are all lettered A-H (9 rows of seats). Each ticket will range from $67-$90 at face value depending on the opponent. If you’re looking for shield from the sun or rain, the club seats will also be a good fit. The overhang from the reserve level will shield the elements if your tickets are in the last 3 or so rows.  Unless you’re a season ticket holder for the Executive Club seats, you won’t have access to the Stadium Club restaurant/lounge area. Keep in mind that these are also not the club suites which are also on the same level of Dodger Stadium. The club suites accommodate 15-30 people.






Loge Box 

View from the Loge Seats at Dodger Stadium

The loge level seats are the 2nd level seats at Dodger Stadium even though all of the sections are numbered as 100 level seats. The loge level offers excellent panoramas of the entire stadium - maybe the best out of all of the seating areas. There are four different areas on the loge level; VIP, MVP, Infield and Preferred. The VIP/MVP loge sections are behind home plate and the preferred loge sections are in the shallow parts of the outfield on the 2nd level. 





Dugout Club 

View from the Dugout Club seats at Dodger Stadium

These are the best and most expensive seats in the entire ballpark. Want to see owner Magic Johnson or another celebrity? This is where you’ll want to sit. Levy Restaurants has an upscale buffet for all fans in the Dugout Club lounge, all food and sodas are complimentary. There is also an upscale bar and martini lounge that fans will have access to as well. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the price of your ticket. These seats consist of the front part of sections 1-25. Those sections basically circle the infield and dugout. You won’t be able to get closer to the players on the field than with these seats. Count on paying at least $250 per ticket for any dugout club seat.

As you can see, Dodger Stadium has a variety of seating areas to choose from. Remember, the area you choose to sit in will be where you are for the entirety of the game. Security will be checking your ticket frequently at Dodger Stadium. Choose your seats wisely.  





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