Photo of Russell Martin of the Toronto Blue Jays during batting practice at the Rogers Centre. 

Image Credit: Arturo Pardavila (CC BY 2.0)

The Toronto Blue Jays will be extending the protective netting at the Rogers Centre even further for the 2020 Major League Baseball season. The new netting system will extend from home plate to section 113C on the 1st base side, and section 130C on the 3rd base side. The netting system will measure 9.1 meters in height down each baseline; the same height as the netting behind home plate during previous seasons.

The installation of the new netting system follows a May 2019 incident in which a young fan was struck by a foul ball hit by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The foul ball had an exit velocity of 114 MPH. The color and knotting of the netting will be the same as last season in an effort to avoid obstructing each fans’ view of the playing field. The Toronto Blue Jays were forced to move the dugouts, baseline walls, and media bays closer to the field so as to avoid installing dangerous support poles on the playing field. Instead, the netting will be supported by a cable system. The adjustment will slightly shrink the Rogers Centre’s massive foul territory; still one of the largest in Major League Baseball.

All 30 Major League Baseball teams have installed netting systems that extend beyond their stadium's home and visiting dugouts. The Toronto Blue Jays will host the Boston Red Sox at the Rogers Centre for their 2020 home opener.


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