Aerial photo of the roof at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Image Credit: Nuria i JC - Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Toronto Blue Jays cancelled a home game earlier this week after large amounts of ice left a hole in the roof of the Rogers Centre. The ice was believed to have fallen from the top of the adjacent CN Tower which stands nearly 180 stories high. The ice was the result of a weekend of freezing rain that also struck the streets outside of the Rogers Centre. The falling ice also created a hazard for pedestrians in downtown Toronto.

To prevent further damage to the playing field, tarps were placed beneath the hole in right field. Monday's game was rescheduled as a doubleheader the following day, both vs. the Kansas City Royals. The game marked the first postponed game at the Rogers Centre since April 12, 2001 which was also vs. the Kansas City Royals. The Rogers Centre features a retractable roof and is therefore immune from Toronto’s unpredictable weather conditions. Gates 1 through 6 were closed during the doubleheader. 

The roof was repaired by Joe and Dave Carneiro, a father and son tandem that often make repairs throughout the entire stadium. In fact, Joe was a team member with the original roofing crew that helped build the roof at the Rogers Centre back in 1989. According to the tandem, they've repaired small holes in the roof of the Rogers Centre before but objects have never fallen onto the field. The CN Tower itself remained closed for the entire week. Many baseball fans will admit that the Rogers Centre needs plenty of other upgrades to better compete with other Major League ballparks that have improved the experience for fans. Despite being unique, the Rogers Centre is beginning to rank near the bottom of the popular lists that rank Major League ballparks. 



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