Rogers Centre Seating Chart, Toronto Blue Jays.

Where To Sit At The Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre was the first stadium in Major League Baseball to have a retractable roof which was necessary due to Canada’s cold temperatures when the baseball season begins in April. Many baseball fans consider the Rogers Centre to be an outdated baseball stadium compared to the other 29 stadiums and they wouldn’t be wrong. The concourses are bland, the stadium doesn’t have an extensive amount of premium seating for fans, there are no escalators that service the upper level, no mixed-use developments outside of the Rogers Centre and the seats themselves are dated.

However, the Rogers Centre is a unique ballpark and is clearly distinct from all of the others. The open-roof offers a mind-boggling view of the CN Tower. There is a Marriott hotel (Marriott City Center) that is built into the stadium and offers suites with views of the field below. The Rogers Centre is also the only Major League Baseball stadium in Canada. The stadium was formerly known as "The SkyDome" from the time it first opened in 1989 until 2005 when Rogers Communications purchased the naming rights. Rogers Communications also own the Toronto Blue Jays as well as the naming rights to Rogers Place (Edmonton Oilers) and Rogers Arena (Vancouver Canucks). Many Toronto Blue Jays fans still refer to the stadium as "The SkyDome" and refuse to acknowledge it under it's current name.

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the field before a Toronto Blue Jays game.

Our staff wanted to provide baseball fans with a breakdown of the Rogers Centre seating chart that would help them decide where to sit before purchasing their tickets to Toronto Blue Jays games. The first thing to know is that there are three different seating levels at the Rogers Centre; the 100 level, the 200 level and the 500 level. The Toronto Blue Jays organization have organized the Rogers Centre into several different price points. Keep in mind that the names of these seating areas can change from season to season. We’ll start with the “In The Action seats” which are the most expensive seats at the Rogers Centre.


100 Level

In The Action Seats

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the "In The Action" seats. 

The "In The Action seats" are the most expensive seats at the Rogers Centre and are where fans can typically find celebrities like Drake, Geddy Lee (Rush) and Laurence "Marlins Man" LeavyTicket prices for the “In The Action seats” will cost between $260-$300 a piece and the price will depend largely on the opponent. Even on secondary ticket market websites like StubHub, these seats are difficult to come by for regular fans.

The “In The Action seats” include sections

  • 120L
  • 120R
  • 123L
  • 123R
  • Row AA of sections 115L, 116L, 116R, 127L, 127R, 128R.

The perks for the “In The Action seats” include

  • Free food items such as hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, chips, soda and ice cream. Alcohol is sold separately.
  • A waitstaff that will bring food items to your seats.
  • More comfortable seats with additional leg room.


Premium Dugout

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the premium dugout seats.

The premium dugout sections include the first few rows of sections 117 through 126, which sit behind home plate at the Rogers Centre. The premium dugout seats are the most expensive non-premium seats at the Rogers Centre. There is nothing special about these seats, they're just located in close proximity to the infield.


Premium Infield

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the premium infield seats.

The premium infield sections include the middle rows of sections 117 through 126.


Field Level Infield

The field level infield seats include the later rows of sections 117 through 126 and most of the rows in sections 116 and 127.


Field Level Bases

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the field level bases.

The field level base seats include sections 128 through 130 DL (3rd base side) and sections 113DR through 115 (1st base side). The field level base sections will be where fans will catch the most foul balls during the game and are the cheapest seats on the 100 level.


100 Level Outfield

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the 100 level outfield seats.

The 100 level outfield seats include sections 101 through 108 and sections 135 through 142. The rows in the 100 level outfield sections will be numbered 1 through 12. The visiting team’s bullpen is located in front of sections 103 through 105. The Toronto Blue Jays’ bullpen is located in front of sections 136, 137 and 138. The majority of the home run balls that are hit will land in the bullpens of the Rogers Centre. The outfield seats sit above the field much more so than other Major League Baseball stadiums. However, baseball fans will still have a solid chance of catching home run balls in these sections. Especially during batting practice.

The major downside to these seats is that fans will have a lackluster view of the scoreboard which sits in upper left center field. The view of the infield is also less than stellar.



200 Level

TD Comfort Clubhouse

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the TD Comfort Clubhouse.

The TD Comfort Clubhouse is located on the 2nd level of the Rogers Centre and include sections 221L through 227R. These sections have 9 rows of seats and are numbered 1 through 9. The TD Comfort Clubhouse seats are located behind Homeplate and are sold on a season ticket basis. The perks for the TD Comfort Clubhouse include

  • A private entrance to the Rogers Centre via Gate 8.
  • Access to a full-service bar and wine bar.
  • In-game and pre-game buffets (non-inclusive). Reservations are highly recommended for the buffet option.
  • An in-seat waitstaff that will bring food to your seats. Food is chosen from a select menu that is provided to fans during the game.

To learn more about the TD Comfort Clubhouse, please visit


The non-premium seats on the 200 level are set at two different price points; the 200 level bases and the 200 level outfield.


200 Level Bases

These 200 level bases sections will have 13 rows of seats in each section and the rows are numbered 1 through 13. These are the most expensive non-premium seats on the 200 level of the Rogers Centre.



200 Level Outfield

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the 200 level outfield seats. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

The 200 level outfield seats include sections 204 through 211 (right field) and sections 237 through 244 (left field). These sections will have between 11 and 13 rows of seats and row 1 is always the first row. The 200 level seats offer some of the best sightlines at the Rogers Centre and they provide a cheaper alternative to the 100 level seats. The best trait the 200 level seats have is that they are small sections with fewer fans sitting amongst you.



500 Level

Photo of the Rogers Centre from the 500 level. 

The 500 level seats includes sections 504 through 544. There are two price points on the upper level. The regular 500 level seats and “500 level lower”. The 500 level lower seats are the first few rows of sections 510 through 537. Most sections on the 500 level will have between 21 and 24 rows of seats and always begin with row 1. The 500 level seats are definitely more desirable when the roof is open and fans can look up and see the CN Tower standing above the Rogers Centre.

Like the other 29 Major League Baseball stadiums, the Toronto Blue Jays have extended the netting to better protect fans from objects that leave the field. The new netting system will extend from sections 117 to 126 or more simply, from the end of one dugout to the other.

Rogers Centre is perhaps the most inaccessible Major League Baseball stadium for most baseball fans because a passport is required to visit it. If you live in the Northeastern United States, Toronto is a drive baseball fans could easily make in a day. Stay tuned for From This Seat's official review of the Rogers Centre.



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