Seat view from section 112 at Bell MTS Place, home of the Winnipeg Jets



#2 Allen 2013-12-01 05:23
Amy got it right. The view is great and the atmosphere is like no other in sport. The seats are very close together in most sections but not in the Budweiser King Club on the other end.

Come 30 minutes early and watch warm ups in 112. The anthem(s) are always good. 99% of the seats are occupied in time for faceoff. Most games are electric.
#1 Amy 2012-07-31 22:49
112 was the perfect section for us as my boyfriend and I are both huge Jets fans. The view of the ice is spectacular. I love having the goalie's perspective and it seeming as if the players are charging you. The Jets attack this net twice during the 3rd and 1st periods.

One gripe I had was how many seats there are per row. This is a huge section. Look at the differences between 112's layout compared to the opposite behind the net seating. 112 is not ideal for those with active bladders or those that get annoyed by other fans who make frequent trips to the concourses.

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