Seat view from section 219 at the SAP Center at San Jose, home of the San Jose Sharks


#1 Joey Harris 2012-08-07 04:46
The upper goal sections are great for Sharks games; not good for concerts and other events. The rink is a much bigger setup than a stage, basketball court so your sight lines are going to be excellent for hockey.

My only two gripes with the upper deck is the lack of leg room; not good for people over 6'3 and the jumbo tron in center arena. It's eight sided and the images are just too darn small. If you end up trying to watch a good bit of the game on the big screen than why even come to the game? You could be saving lots of money by watching the game at home. That's all.

Overall, this is one of the liveliest hockey arenas I have come across. You will be surprised especially if you've never been to a hockey game or are a casual fan.

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