Seat view from section 211 at Bridgestone Arena, home of the Nashville Predators


#2 John R 2016-10-23 20:36
Section 211 is located on the Acura Club Level and was awesome. There isn't a ton of leg room but we were in row D, the first row, seats 5 and 6 and the seats are cushioned. Tiny section, so it's very easy to get to and from the rest rooms where there is virtually no wait. Concessions are limited on the club level compared to the upper and lower levels.

Section 211 will give you virtually the same view as the club suites and you'll get to mingle with those folks as well since the suites are wide open. The view of the ice and jumbo tron is excellent - you won't have difficult making out the players numbers. Not many ushers on the Acura club level, so they don't act as pests checking your ticket left and right.
#1 Alec 2012-08-12 22:00
The game I went to in particular was the Predators vs. the New Jersey Devils. The rows are lettered D thru G so it was cool to finally sit in a seat that didn't have a ton of drunk fans around.

It's a nice section that overlooks the net the Preds shoot twice on. If you just want a great view of the ice and don't necessarily have to be right up close to the surrounding glass, then 211 would be a great choice. Go PREDS!

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