#1 Holly 2012-08-17 08:41
I've sat in 318 once thanks to my boyfriend who bought us tickets for a Panthers-Bruins game. We were actually visiting relatives, we live in Boston and the Bruins just so happened to be in town. What were the odds? We bought out tickets on stubhub for the Lexus CLub-318. Nothing too special about the Lexus Club aside from the private entrance and the private bathroom.

Best possible seats in the Lexus club by far although I haven't sat in any of the other sections but 318 was on the center line so we could see every inch of every play without obstruction or without trouble.

This is a beautiful arena in the middle of nowhere. I'm starting to wonder how long this franchise will make it with big cities like Quebec, Hamilton, Seattle and Kansas City knocking on the NHL's door. The Panthers should be sharing a venue with the Heat, nuff said.

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