#1 Mason 2012-07-25 19:36
Club seats at this arena are some of the nicest and most comfortable around for hockey. Too bad each seat will run $200+ for ever single game.
I was lucky enough to have an invite from a buddy who's work let's him use the season seats a few times each year. The all you can eat options are a score. You save so much money that you would spend on overpriced concessions.

From what I could tell, there isn't a bad seat on the club level. The sections are elevated perfectly and the arena isn't all that big to begin with which means great seats all around typically.

I have spent my share of time on the top level and really have no complaints about those seats other than you still can't really find tickets for a bargain. Stubhub does have some good deals from time to time, especially if the Sabres are down and out.

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