Seat view from section 405 at Fedex Field, home of the Washington Redskins


#1 Brad Gurley 2014-01-04 08:06
I've been to Fedex Field twice now. Once for a Dallas Cowboys game and another time for a Ravens game. I sat in 405, row 11 for the Ravens game. Nothing too special about this section or the stadium. Had no issues seeing the field but the view was significantly better down near row 1. I definitely noticed that going to and from the concourse area. The steps are very steep but you've likely encountered a similar climb if you've been to other stadiums around the country. There will be plenty of railing to help guide you along. Could see perfectly over the heads of the fans seated in front of us. The Redskins fans up there were also very well behaved. The upper level ticket holders get a bad reputation as being poorer and a little rowdier, drinking more beers but that's not always the case.
Both the Verizon Center and Nationals Park have cheaper concessions than Fedex Field. I thought all of the prices would be on par with the other but they're not.
I'll warn you that the Redskins organization promotes the Metro Station at Morgan Boulevard if coming from the city but it's a bit of a long walk. Takes 20-30 minutes and part of it is uphill. Avoid if coming to the game with elderly or small children. And if you drive, the traffic is vicious after the game lets out.

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