Seat view from section 107 at Oakland Coliseum, home of the Oakland Raiders


#3 K. Greer 2013-11-27 06:17
A good chunk of the seats were partially obstructed by the field goal post but you eventually begin to not even notice it as the game goes on. The real problem was trying to follow the game when the ball neared the North endzone. If you sit in either endzone, choose the second group of seats (rows 21-38). You'll be positioned a little further from the field but your view won't suffer as much. They say this place was built with football in mind but I would like the sight lines from 107 better for A's baseball.
Also, unless you're set on tailgating, always take the BART to the game. Parking has now jumped to $35 per car and the BART is only $10 round trip from most places in the city/SanFran and once you get off at the Coliseum/Airport stop, you just have to make the fun walk across the bridge into the stadium. People give the surrounding neighborhood a bad name like it's some horrible ghetto but its really just an old industrial area away from downtown. It's just very undeveloped. The Airport is also not far from the stadium site.
#2 John M 2013-09-19 02:03
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from section 107, here is a Youtube video shot from there during a Raiders game at Coliseum.

Here is a 2nd Youtube video shot from there during a Raiders/Miami Dolphins game at Coliseum.
#1 Peter G 2011-10-26 03:31
Been a season ticket holder in section 107 for ten years. I wouldn't trade these seats for any seat in the entire stadium. You can find me here on any Sunday with the rest of Raider Nation. The Black Hole! Go Raiders!

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