Seat view from section 335 at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots


#1 Chuck 2012-09-14 01:52
These were my seats for the 2010 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Thank goodness I still had my ticket stub cause there is no way I would have remembered where I sat (row 11, seat 4).

I have sat all over this stadium and even in the far left corner (section 340). It's amazing how vastly different the view is from 335 compared to 340.
Even though 335 sat to the side of the North endzone, it still felt very much like a sideline seat. My view of the south end zone was much improved as well.

I was surprised at how comfortable the upper level seating is. In Buffalo, the upper level seats are bleachers and a decent amount of NFL stadiums will have bleacher seats somewhere.
The rows in 335 are numbered 1-4 and 7-26. Even in the rows in the 20s, you will still be able to enjoy the game, no doubt.

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