#1 Ethan 2012-09-14 05:20
229 sits on the 20 yard line and will allow you to follow the football very easily. The Putam club seats are more of an affluent section. You won't find a lot of your 'true Patriots fans' there. You know, the guys that spend all week preparing what they're going to bring to the tailgate that Sunday.

The seats are as comfortable as ever. There are cup holders at every seat to hold your $10 Miller lite. There aren't too many fans in each row which is nice. Getting in and out of your row will be very easy. Great family environment, the club seats definitely don't have an excessive amount of swearing and drinking.

Best of all, the Boston winters get cold and you can easily escape the conditions when you have club seats by going to the inside lounge area for as long as you like.

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