#1 Gigi 2012-09-06 05:34
I found the club seats to be a neat experience but overrated. Very similar to first class seating on an airplane. Do you need the exclusiveness and extra amenities to enjoy the game? No way. 211 in particular sat on the 10 yard line closest to the West end zone. Navigation around the stadium is fairly easy we didn't have any trouble finding our seats but the ushers seemed very friendly and they take their jobs seriously. The seats were ok, nothing too classy; they weren't exactly padded and extra wide like you will find in some club sections at various other NFL stadiums.

I wish the stadium stood closer to downtown Miami, I think it would have benefitted much more in terms of attendance down there rather than on the county line. This place is a ghost town when it comes to bars and restaurants in the surrounding area, which I guess is why tailgating is done so heavily.

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