#1 Frankie 2012-08-26 03:30
Had row 3 for the Lions-Packers game in 2011. I was able to purchase my seats via the NFL Ticket Exchange and they weren't cheap but the wife is a Packers fan so I splurged just once. I liken the club seats to the First Class area of an airplane. Sure, all of the amenities are nice but are they necessary to enjoy the game? No way. A lower level seat and a few beers at tailgating and I'm good.

The club seating on this side of the stadium is much better than the opposite side because you won't have the lingering 300 level seats above you. Instead, you will have a stack of private suites so you could call this side of the stadium "Quieter" in a stadium that needs to get louder on a regular basis. lol.

You will have access to a few bars and restaurants on the club level including a Mexican mini restaurant called 'Tio Chenchos'. It's gourmet but you're going to have t pay top dollar for it's food items.

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