Seat view from section 133 at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions


#1 Phillip 2012-08-25 05:59
Section 133 is combined with section 134 at the foot of the section. So for the first 15 rows, you're going to be seated in one giant row with ticket holders for both sections. I may get a little confusing but just ask a member of the arena staff.

Our view of the field was great. The closer the better. I have found that the endzone seating is much more affordable than the sideline seating at this stadium which is why I usually opt for the endzones. Anything beats the top level.

There are roughly 20-30 seats per row. You don't want to be stuck in the middle of one of those rows because the sections in the corners always have more seats per row. Go for the aisle seats in 133 if you have that option.

I also liked that there are giant scoreboards in each endzone so that fans can keep up with the replays and stats. Some NFL stadiums either have one scoreboard or the second is place in an odd spot somewhere in the stadium.

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