Seat view from section 312 at Paul Brown Stadium, home of the Cincinnati Bengals


#1 Dillon 2012-08-24 04:40
Not bad seats at all. The value for your dollar are absolutely terrible which is the reason for the huge drop in upper level ticket prices for the 2012 season. Even though our seats were two or three sections from the 50 yard line, 312 still made us feel like we were on the center line I assume because the field is so big.

I love my Bengals but this stadium does absolutely nothing to welcome new fans to the stadium. I sometimes I ask myself, 'what keeps Bengals fans coming back'? Because it's not the winning and it's not the stadium. Regardless, Hamilton County taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

Every concession is identical and Gold Star Chili can't compete with Skyline Chili which you can find at the Reds ballpark. When you walk into the stadium on the street level, you see nothing but steel beams and blank walls.

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