Seat view from section 234 at Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers


#1 Johnny Knight 2012-10-27 04:11
234 is great and gives you all the more reason not to purchase club tickets if you're worried about having a good place to sit for the game and don't have a ton of money. The view is practically the same and there are just as many people sitting in the club seats as the middle end zones. Not sure why people like the exclusivity because there are still of ton of fans in that area.
234 still won't allow you to see both sides of the field from the first few rows. There were 21 rows so I think the last five rows may offer the best view. The depth of the field was very hard to judge and since you'll be in the corner of the stadium, it makes it extra hard to see the numbers on the grass.

Overall, I think you can probably expect to pay in the neighborhood of $150 a ticket in section 234. That's right at what we paid and it's a steep price but the majority of the stadium is held by season ticket holders; what do you expect?

I think a great way to save money is to eat at a nearby restaurant in Uptown before the game. We ate at Hartigan's Irish Pub before the game, it's on Cedar Street and they will have a huge Panthers following, though 11am is a little early to eat lunch so you may want to save it for after the game and tailgate a little before the game.

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