Seat view from section 323 at Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers


#1 Boomer 2012-10-27 05:33
323 was great considering there were no tunnels in our corner of the stadium so there was no fan commotion down on the field before and during the game. Just an uninterrupted view for Panther football.

The rows were numbered 1-21 so it's hard to buy the 'wrong seat'. We had row 17 and could follow the football very easily although the view definitely weakened when the ball went the opposite direction. The only downside to seats in or near the end zones...

Bank of America Stadium isn't one that you should leave off of your list of stadiums to visit. In fact, you can hit it and the Georgia Dome on consecutive days if either has a Monday/Sunday game combination. The black Panther statues outside of each of the three entrances is something the kids will enjoy so bring your camera.

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