Seat view from section 313 at Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers


#1 Danny 2012-10-27 04:29
Most of this section sat on the 15 yard line which isn't a bad view at all. The corners and the end zones are the seats to stay away from at a football game. I paid a handsome amount for our seats in row 14, only because I wanted the club experience at least once before we moved to Atlanta. (Still get to see the Panthers once a year at the Georgia Dome). The Panthers player tunnel will be just down to your right although you will be sitting behind the visitors sideline. The seats offered plenty of comfort; I just wish they were padded like they are at every other NFL stadium.

What I didn't like was how everyone seemed very "nonchalant" in the club seats. Only a fraction of the fans seemed to actually care about the game; it was almost like we were at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs. So the club seats get a 'd' for fan environment which is partly what the NFL is all about. This league has the best and most supportive fans.

There are no free beverages or free drinks; you're paying top dollar for everything especially the mixed drinks which all cost upwards of $10 no matter what you get. Think Las Vegas club prices.
If the weather is inclement which is rare in Charlotte though snow does come down on the occasion, you've got the club lounges to run for cover. They're complete with televisions if you want to watch other games. I believe I saw a few guys that spent the entire game at the bar which they're entitled to as much as they pay for tickets.

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