View from Section 119 at M&T Bank Stadium, Home of the Baltimore Ravens


#2 Margie 2013-12-03 01:18
119 provided us with a so-so view of the field overall but an excellent view of the East endzone. As the ball got closer and closer to the West endzone, we couldn't see where the ball was placed and who had possession of it since the stadium gets so hectic during plays. We sat in row 20, the 2nd row. Not many seats to a row which allows for easier access to the concessions and restrooms. The concourse was just a quick shoot away from our seats too so we never missed much of the game. Try not to attempt a bathroom break or beer run at halftime. You'll just be late getting back to your seats. M&T Bank is a very pretty stadium to look at. Loved the purple accent lighting that they've added to the concourse walkways. It's really noticeable during the night games.
The city is fun but can be dangerous in some parts. But in the areas around the stadium, you're completely safe. Try to plan a weekend where you can see both the Redskins and Ravens on the same weekend. A friend of mine does this once each season.
#1 John M 2012-10-06 04:55
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from section 119, here is a Youtube video shot from there before a Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium.

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