View from section 220 at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals


#1 Preston 2012-10-15 06:29
Not until you sit in a corner club section like 220 will you realize how far the seats actually sit from the field. There is a ton of green space down on the sidelines but I don't think they want fans to be able to communicate with the players down on the sidelines. I would imagine that's the reason for the distance.

The viewing experience was pretty good from those seats. I sat in row 9 with my brother and some of his buddies. We actually bought those seats on the street from a scalper for a nice little bargain; I don't exactly recall what we paid. We had access to the club lounge where the booze flowed freely. There were some fans that watched the game from the bar which I didn't understand but with the money they spend on tickets I guess they're entitled to that.

No wait for restrooms or concessions when you sit here. They've got some great BBQ at the stadium but I think the best food can be found on the Great Lawn outside of the stadium every sunday. You won't find the true Cardinals fans in the club seats all of the time but we did make a few friends during the game.

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