Seat view from section 104 at the Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia 76ers


#2 Ambrose 2012-12-13 04:54
Good seats though far from great. There is a lot of "wasted space" in between this section and the court. You won't notice until you actually sit here but 104 isn't as parallel with the court as I would have liked. Definitely a disappointment. The sight lines are better for Flyers Hockey at this arena, if you've seen either team a number of times, you've probably already noticed.
#1 Jackson 2012-12-10 06:15
Not the best seats on the lower level, in fact, 104 is probably one of the more undesirable sections in the arena but I was able to see the game well from there.
The Knicks were in town, so I had to resort to the cheapest tickets on the lower level; I refuse to sit on the upper level, even for Flyers games and concerts. We were only a matter of feet from the Sixers player bench but the floor can still feel kind of far away depending on which row you get. Rows 10-18 would probably be the most ideal; close but not too close.

The Knicks games always bring tons of fans in from New Jersey/New York. Always a fun series and on the occasion, you will see Spike Lee venture into the Wells Fargo Center from what I've heard. If you're wearing your Knicks jersey, chances are you already know about the hostility of Philadelphia sports fans. They can be obnoxious for no apparent reason and sadly, that will never change.

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