Seat view from section 222 at Chesapeake Energy Arena, home of the Oklahoma City Thunder



#2 Lex 2013-10-30 06:08
Went to see the Memphis Grizzlies while they were in town. These were great seats that overlooked the scorer's table at mid-court. The view is excellent from this angle and best of all, all of the club seats are still on the lower bowl. We received free parking and the seats were a little larger with cup holders. A cement wall separates these seats from the 100s so it may not be as private as what you're anticipating but I highly doubt anyone would dislike these seats! I was only surprised that there were no waiters delivering food to the club patrons so the Thunder organization should add this in the coming years.

If you purchase club tickets, there is a private entrance for fans to use so be sure to ask a member of the arena staff how to find it if you don't already know where it is.
#1 AW 2012-12-03 07:34
If you like small sections and don't like the stair climbing, climbing in and out of large rows and drunken fans and want an excellent view of the court, section 222 would be a great choice of seating. My employer has season seats here and I usually get to use the tickets once a month during the regular season, sometimes more. I have become somewhat of an expert on this section and just a few games in the same seats will do that to you.

Each seat is maybe two inches wider than the seats on the lower and upper levels. There is also plenty of elbow and leg room if you're a larger Thunder fan who always worries about your level of comfort at these games.
Great views of the scoreboard and every inch of the floor. Section 222 can do no wrong.

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