Seat view from section 123 at the Smoothie King Center, home of the New Orleans Pelicans


#2 Kyle Evans 2013-10-29 02:30
Very comfortable section. Went to the Hornets/Trail Blazers game last February. My wife surprised me with tickets as a Valentine's Day gift. I'm a huge sports fan but seem to make it to more Saints games than Hornets game. I'm sorry...Pelicans games!
We were roughly 10-12 rows from the floor. Our seats looked right at the Blazers sideline across the court. We had club access to a few of the lounge areas, they are super nice. Trendy couches and bar areas, excellent buffet food, tv's everywhere in case you want to catch up on other NBA games going on that night. These seats also come equipped with a wait staff so that you don't have to leave your seat to get food. It saves a lot of time and keeps you glued to the game so it came in very handy! Kudos to the Hornets organization for dreaming this up.
There are three entrances to New Orleans Arena. Three right along Dave Dixon drive, those are the main entrances. There is also a "less crowded" entrance along Le Rouge Street. The lines to get into the arena are always very short. If you're sitting on the upper deck, there will be escalators near the main entrances to take you to the top.
#1 Matt Falcone 2012-11-09 08:46
There wasn't a ton of room in the aisles between each section, especially with the railing but we managed to find our seats without the help of the usher who was helping someone else. We were directly faced towards the Chicago Bulls bench which was a real treat; I'm a huge Derrick Rose fan.
Sitting close to the court definitely has it's advantages, we were in row 7, the closest we had ever been to the floor and it's amazing to see just how big these players are in person. Much bigger than what they look like on television. The only downside was that the seats faced straight forward rather than at an angle that didn't require us to look to the left when the ball was across the court. You won't know what I'm talking about until you sit in 123. The seats weren't fully padded, they were similar to the seats that you'll find in so many other NBA arenas but still offered plenty of comfort. I appreciated the cup holders being located at the top of the seat in front of you so other patrons can't spill it when trying to leave the row. I also loved that our seats came with a waiter who was very attentive to our needs.

This is a nice arena with plenty of parking and is easy to get in and out of. I sure hope the city can hang onto the franchise because I know how bad Seattle wants their Supersonics back and how nonchalant the city of New Orleans has been about basketball since Chris Paul left for LA.

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