Seat view from section 309 at the Smoothie King Center, home of the New Orleans Pelicans


#1 Darryl 2012-11-09 07:27
It would be extremely easy to call these the worst seats in the arena but that's not true at all in my opinion. Sitting behind the goal on the upper level has a much better view than sitting behind the goal on the lower level where you can't see the opposite side of the court at all. Section 309 had a nice panoramic view of the entire arena and the seats were all individualized, no bleacher seats whatsoever. No unruly behavior either, there were fans with beers but I didn't once hear any foul language during the game, so I think section 309 makes for a decent family environment.

If you watch the NBA with regularity and have decent eyesight, you'll be able to tell which players are which like I was able to. Having a headset with the broadcast will help you seem more in tune with the game although most fans in this city aren't that fanatical about either the Saints or the Hornets.

We did have some trouble finding our seats since we completely walked past the escalators leading up to the top level. As a reminder, the escalators are near all of the main entry gates to the arena.

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