Seat view from section 327 at the Smoothie King Center, home of the New Orleans Pelicans


#2 Cody 2013-10-29 03:44
Went to a Hornets/LA Clippers game which was awesome because Chris Paul was making a return to New Orleans. There's nothing special about section 327 at all. It's definitely gives a perspective that's far away from the action but the tickets are only $5 on most nights so if you're in New Orleans and just want to check out a basketball game without spending a lot of money, 327 or any of it's neighbors are perfect. If you don't like climbing steps, stay out of the rows in the teens because those sit at the top.

Getting to the upper level will be very simple for those of you that have never been to this arena before. You'll see the escalators going upward as soon as you enter the building along Dave Dixon drive.
My only other gripe was that they serve Pepsi products here instead of Coke. The food selection is what you would expect out of a New Orleans arena. Gumbo, jambalaya, seafood, fried chicken, craft beer, etc.
#1 Mike Wells 2012-11-09 06:43
All that's really included in the ticket price for upper level seats is the view of the court and nothing else. Our seats in section 327 were definitely what you would call 'nosebleeds'. Top level, far corner and we were very far from the court. Binoculars are definitely a necessity when sitting in section 327. If you sit here, there is a good chance you'll be watching a good chunk of the game on the less than spectacular jumbo scoreboard and at that point, why even leave the house?

This place is rarely full and rarely loud. If you are looking at these seats because they're cheap, you'd be better off just saving up money and waiting to go to another Hornets game later in the season.

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