Seat view from section 231 at Fedex Forum, home of the Memphis Grizzlies.


#1 Webb 2012-12-05 00:49
Our seats in 231 were almost exactly behind the goal though not quiet which is a good angle opposed to what many fans may think, but you'll be near the very top of the arena which you probably already know.

I sat here for game 7 vs. the LA Clippers last year in what turned out to be a heartbreaking last game of the season. I've been coming to Grizzlies games ever since the team played at the Pyramid when they first arrived from Vancouver. This game was the loudest environment I have ever been in, what a blast.

I could see all of offensive and defensive seats being ran that night really well from my seat. During the playoffs, you will notice that there are many more plays ran than in the regular season when it seems like everyone is just playing streetball. The only downside would be having to rely on the crowd reaction to see if the ball went in the net or not. Like I said, these seats are high up because there are three levels of seating at Fedex Forum.

We paid $120 for two seats to this game. Normally, I could get these two seats for $50 altogether if it were a normal regular season game, even vs. the Heat or LA Lakers. But no sweat, it was well worth the money even though the Grizzlies lost. Maybe this year they'll make a strong playoff run like they did two seasons ago. Go Grizzlies!

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