Seat view from section 209 at the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls


#2 Morgan 2013-10-03 05:35
The United Center is one of the few NBA arenas where the club seats may actually be cheaper than the seats on the bottom level. 209 was part of the prestigious "Lexus Club". If you like smaller sections with a waitstaff and no lines for concession stands, these seats are for you.
Section 209 maybe a little less desirable because you'll be sitting behind the goal but we only paid $300 for two seats, a price I was comfortable with.
Most importantly, no one will be able to snag your seats since the club level is exclusive and has strong security. Plus, there are plenty of areas in the club area to lounge in, maybe catch the Blackhawks on a tv while they're away.

Even if you buy tickets for the upper level, by the time you factor in food and parking, it's going to be an expensive evening. You had might as well go all out and get yourself some club tickets. You won't regret it!
#1 Joel 2011-11-22 08:03
very small section behind the goal on the second level. close to the concourse area. view could be better. i enjoy bulls games no matter where i sit and you will too. tickets are on the more expensive side. bring your wallet. had a great time at the game, the bulls beat the magic.

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