Seat view from section 21 at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates


#1 Manny 2013-06-04 06:33
Section 21 is where I would sit if I could afford season seats. I was given these tickets from a buddy that couldn't go one night so I got to sit here for free which was a real treat. The fanatical Pirate fan will love it here - immediately behind the Pirates dugout and it's a more private section, the ushers pay really close attention to who is trying to sit in these seats.
I loved being able to see the pitcher's delivery to the plate. When you sit this close, you become completely aware of exactly how hard it is to hit a baseball. Wow!
Aside from being close to the field, there are no real amenities to these seats like waiter service or free food or anything although you can bring your food from home into the park. There is plenty of leg and elbow space at each seat and I'm thankful for the cup holders. Overall, I seriously doubt any baseball fan would show any type of objection to these seats. They're just too good.

Also, since you'll be sitting on the third base side if you sit here, you get the wonderful view of the downtown Pittsburgh skyline as well as the Roberto Clemente bridge in the distance. You can't see the Allegheny River from these seats but if you take the 'Riverwalk' before the game, you'll be able to see all of that landscape, no problem.

Always park on the North Shore so you can cross the bridge before the game. It's fun and they shut it down before and after games just to give fans the right of way.

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