#1 Sonali 2014-03-03 07:47
You won't get the full Dodgers experience buying your seats here but I got the vibe that a lot of the older affluent folks or business types buy the club seats on this level of the stadium. If you're a young Dodger fan full of piss and vinegar, the reserve level or the field boxes or the all you can eat Pavilion seats are more your style.
Here, you get full shade from the sun which is important because the Dodgers play so many afternoon games being on the West Coast time zone. This will be the 3rd base side of Dodger Stadium and you'll have a good bird's eye view of the entire stadium. The restrooms are also super clean and much less crowded and more efficient. The sections are small with very few rows to look through on the way to your row, very easy to find your seats and you can escape the humid elements for air conditioning at any point in time.
Great section but once again, many fans will probably be looking for more. They price these seats at $50-$100 depending on how close your section's proximity is to home plate. These ARE NOT the club suites, these are just the regular club seats. The club suites do share the same level but were adjacent to this area on the 3rd base side.

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